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[Random] De la revista Japan Fanclub: Dongwan & Junjin ▷



Nombre: Kim Dongwan

Edad: 36

Tipo de sangre: O

Calzado: 270

Talento: Decir que no, cuando todo el mundo dice que sí

Sueño: Ser padre de 2 hijos y 2 hijas, tener una familia feliz.

Q & A:

Q1: ¿Animal que te gusta?

A: Cachorro, vaca, gato, Eric

Q2: ¿Olor que odias?

A: El…

[Trans] Eric, Minwoo, Dongwan, Junjin’s updated ‘profile’ and Q&A


Name: Mun Junghyuk/ Eric Mun
Age: 36
Blood type: B
Foot size: 280
Talent: Arm bar *a technique in mixed martial arts (armlock)
Dream: Oil prince Mansur that rides on an electric car *a name given through Shinhwa Broadcast when he was said to look like a Middle-Eastern

Q1: Animal that you like?
A: Gomdori (Eric’s current dog), Lee Minwoo that eats walnuts

Q2: Smell you hate?
A: Smell of Gomdori, smell of walnuts

Q3: First thing you do after waking up?
A: Clean up Gomdori’s pee and poo, feed Lee Minwoo walnuts

Q4: A hobby you got into recently?
A: Kick boxing, jujitsu *Brazilian martial arts, wrestling

Q5: Original hobby?
A: Cross-stitch

Q6: Your image as you see it?
A: Cutie pie

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Lee Minwoo's Sexy Dance & Licking Mic Cut ▷


My GOD!! Its. Too. Much!!

Shinhwa Eric, Jung Yumi & Sung Joon to Guest on All Right Talk Concert


Eric, Jung Yumi & Sung Joon are to be guesting on All Right Talk Concert on Saturday AUG.02 

Location:  Seoul Children’s Grand Park Wapop Hall
Time:  5PM
Ticketing:  Interpark.




Everyday Objects Made Unusable by Giuseppe Colarusso

MJH & JYM in ‘Discovery of Romance’


Discovery Of Romance_ teaser 

( Eric, Jung YooMi, SungJoon)

Cr.Trinh Lam


[Teaser3] 140719 Discovery of Romance 


[Teaser2] 140719 Discovery of Romance


[Teaser1] 140719 Discovery of Romance 


Hi all, we will pop in to Tiny chat whenever we are voting so you can camp there to wait for fellow mafias!

Main chatroom PW: 03241998

Sometimes we visit our temporary room to play music so if it is silent in the main room you can try out the following rooms.

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Remeber we are focusing on Brand New! Let’s win this Orange Mafias!


Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 56


[15/07/2014] Brian Kim habla de la primera canción del proyecto remake de Shin Hyesung ▷



¿Se acuerdan de Brian Kim? Él compone letras de canciones para Shinhwa, y anteriormente, había hecho una reseña de la canción Scarface. Ahora es el turno de “Buen Camino”, la primera canción del proyecto remake “Once Again” de Shin Hyesung.

Letra de la canción:

Good morning