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31pics [Airports pics][2014.10.17][Hyesung] Incheon → Shanghai | Facebook ▷


A day with the reporters~
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Source: E&J Entertainment

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It’s so cold.. Guess winter’s going to come early-_-; #MaskedMan #CarefulNotToCatchACold #BurningFriday .. not! T_T I need to #heal

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ERIC - Interview - News photo - none Logo


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[141017] Hyesung off to SM Town Concert in Shanghai - pt1

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oppa radiating that perfect autumn man feels /dayum

[News] Eric "Staff's amount of sleep depends on how much I sleep" ▷


Actor Eric, of group Shinhwa, revealed his thoughts on acting.

Eric met reporters on the afternoon of the 16th at a cafe in Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and started by saying, “Acting seems to get harder the more I do it. The balance between people, the balance between acting, because it’s…


14.10.16 [Fan Pic] Shinhwa Eric Mun During Interview at Garosu-gil

Sources: various Intagram & Twitter + EricMun Tumblr

[News] Eric "Again with an ex-lover? It might be possible for feelings to be revived..." ▷


At the “Discovery Of Romance” end of broadcast commemorative interview held at a cafe in Shinsa-dong on the afternoon of the 16th, Mun Junghyuk began by saying, “In real life, I’m not the type to regret or contact my ex again after we have broken up.”

He revealed, “In the drama, Taeha himself…

[News] What longrunning group 'Shinhwa's' Eric has to say to hoobae idols ▷


'1st generation idols' group Shinhwa's leader Eric left words full of meaning for the hoobae idol groups.

In an interview with Xsportsnews on the 16th, Eric conveyed his thoughts on idol group members leaving, that has been in the news often recently.

Eric is part of Shinhwa, which debuted…

Mun Jung Hyuk, "I've made a drunken confession to an ex-girlfriend before" ▷


In an interview to mark the conclusion of KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’, Mun Jung Hyuk (35) revealed that he has made a drunken confession to an ex-girlfriend before.

In the drama, Han Yeoreum (played by Jung Yumi) encounters her ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha (played by Mun Jung Hyuk), but lies and keeps it from her current boyfriend Nam Ha Jin (played by Sung Joon). On this, he commented, “The viewers were able to make a judgement on whether it was right or wrong because they knew the inside story.”

“We can understand when we’re watching the show, but when it really comes down to the actual situation in a relationship, I only believe what I see. It’s the end (of the relationship) if the other party cannot give a 100% explanation to me.”

He emphasized, “From Han Yeoreum’s perspective, she would do this. Not being able to make up her mind and going after a love that moves her heart, it’s understandable. But if it was in real life, of course it won’t be.”

When asked if he has ever made a drunken confession like his character Kang Tae Ha did to Han Yeoreum, he replied in the affirmative. “Because I was drunk, after that I could treat it like nothing happened. Actually that’s really pathetic. I pretended that I didn’t remember but in the situation when it happens, it’s frustrating.”

Source: Star News
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Shinmaes Eusha Eusha Dance Break feat. Taehak's Spin Kick! 
When Eric & Dongwan are Bored ^^ ▷


Dongwan Oppa will naturally perform in front of the camera.. while our Eric Oppa’s busy playing his favorite game..


And then all of a sudden he will interrupt Dongwan Oppa for a song request.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


since it’s Eric Oppa’s request, Dongwan Oppa would gladly do it..




(Hyesung off to Shanghai)

S Autumn Breeze // Shin Hyesung


Hyesung at Incheon airport leaving for Shanghai (fanpics) 2014/10/17

cr on the pic.