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Young Hyesung

Entrevista de Kim Dongwan a la revista The Musical, Septiembre 2014 ▷


Después de haber vuelto al escenario como Hedwig, Kim Dongwan dice que ahora ha caído completamente bajo el hechizo del personaje conocido como Hedwig. Dice que ahora le gusta “Wig in a Box” (la peluca en una caja) y “Wicked Little Town” de Tommy más que antes, que son canciones que…

[Noticia – 31/08/2014] Shinhwa celebra sus 6000 dejando misteriosos mensajes de los miembros ▷


Después de debutar en 1998, Shinhwa alcanzó su aniversario de 6000 días.
Para celebrar la ocasión, y agradecer a los fans, uno por uno, los miembros de Shinhwa comenzaron a dejar mensajes a través de las cuentas de SNS de Shinhwa Company, mostrando sutilmente matices de la identidad de cada…

[News] Lee Minwoo "Shinhwa's nude photobook, decided on filming with unanimous decision from members" ▷


Lee Minwoo has revealed the reason for filming Shinhwa’s nude photobook.

On August 29th’s airing of Mnet’s “EXO 90:2014”, MC Jun Hyunmoo said that Shinhwa, appearing as the wannabe star, had shot a nude photobook and personally brought the photobook.

Subsequently, after looking at the nude…


(end of video)
Like this forever
Never parting…
*He sang Yoo Jaeha’s “Because I love you”
Your gaze that I felt initially
Was it my own misunderstanding?
You made me into a fool with your bright smile

On the day you left me,
The many pink coloured memories I held in my heart
faded blue

Yesterday I hated myself
for being unable to forget you, who had left
But now I realise
that was me, unique to you

For you who have returned again
I’ll give you everything I have
We, like this forever,
shall never part

Because I still
love only you
Because I love you

- 2014-08-29 Dongwan Youtube update 

[News] Mun Junghyuk and Sungjoon of 'Finding True Love' hold hands and look cute in 'unexpected chemistry' ▷


A behind-the-scenes cut from KBS 2TV’s Mon-Tue drama ‘Finding True Love’ has been drawing attention for showcasing the three-way chemistry between Jung Yumi, Mun Junghyuk, and Sungjoon.

The cut released on the 27th shows Jung Yumi and Mun Junghyuk posing next to Sungjoon in the center. The photo…


Kim Dongwan photos on 10th year Hedwig photobook 
Cr: miss_lim


[From the Administrator]
Second message from the member
“Congratulations~ congratulations~Congratulations on Shinhwa’s 6000th day~”
It is already 6000 days since I came out with the classic lion hair and changed society!
I knew we, Shinhwa, would go on for this long. And we will continue to go on for a long time in future. Somehow I just know it.
Not just 6000 days, 60000 days, 600000days…won’t be possible right.
Let’s be together forever! Love you!

- 2014-08-27 Shinhwa Company Facebook update
translation by malpabo.tumblr.coms


From 980324 to the 6000th day, Shinhwa Changjo was together with Shinhwa!! 
What else needs to be said~ 
Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo is the best in the universe and is love ^^

- 2014-08-28 Minwoo Facebook update
translation by


2014.08.27 Discovery of Romance: Official BTS Photostill

싸운거 맞아? 전쟁 뒤 평화
Are you sure they fought? The peace after the war.

Source: Genius Publicist
Translation: Sumi13


sexy, sexy, sexy…